Morning Routine

We have our own little morning routine that we do every day whether we realize it or not. I've to come to realize that I have quite the morning routine, and that makes me really happy because regardless of whatever I might be doing for the rest of the day, it's always nice for the morning to be consistently the same, I suppose it's soothing in a way. 



I try to wake up around 7 am every morning. (The key word there is "try") As soon as I wake up in the morning, I immediately head to the shower because I hate feeling icky when I first wake up, and a shower always makes me feel so much more awake and fresh. 


My daily hair routine is extremely simple. I don't do a lot of styling to my hair on most days, only sometimes. Most of the time though, I comb through it while it's still wet, put anti-frizzing mousse in, and let it air dry. I like it when my hair is wavy and has a bit of volume to it, and letting it air dry does exactly that for me. 


Then I'll pick out a cute outfit for the day!


That part usually takes me about 20-30 minutes to do, and before I can do anything else, I have to grab a cup of coffee. This part of my morning is my favorite because I love coffee. 


 I just find it so relaxing to sit down and sip my coffee while I scroll through Instagram and Pinterest. I can never skip this part of my morning routine. 


After I finish my coffee, I do my makeup, put on jewelry, (usually just a pair of earrings) and just any other finishing touches I need to be ready for my day. I eat breakfast after I am completely ready. I like a small, quick, easy breakfast so I usually just have a granola bar or yogurt. After I've done all of this, I'll either be heading off to work at Best Buy or I'll stay home and work on my blog.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my morning routine! Tell me about your favorite parts of your morning routine in the comments below!

Have a lovely day!