Summer Bucket List

Since it's summer, I figured I would come up with a summer bucket list for both myself and all of you! This will help figure out everything I want to do this summer and give you guys some ideas too. I don't have a very big summer this year because my classes start back July 2nd, but I can still have fun regardless. 

  1. Go Beach camping
  2. Have a water fight 
  3. Have a Disney movie marathon while wearing the comfiest clothes possible
  4. Water balloon fight
  5. Go stargazing
  6. Have a spa day
  7. Get ice cream from a local ice cream place. 
  8. Dance in the rain
  9. Spend lots of days at the beach 
  10. Visit my family
  11. Start a bible study for the summer
  12. Go to a city I've never been to
  13. Make smores over a campfire
  14. Go on a picnic
  15. Spend a lot of time with friends 

These are just a few things that I thought of. Remember this summer to appreciate the time you have with your friends and family, and try to put your focus on God. If any of you have any summer bucket list ideas, I'd love to hear about them!

Proverbs 27:9

A sweet friendship refreshes the soul